The team of addiction professionals at Calvary Healing Center is dedicated to providing the most effective treatment possible for recovery from chemical dependency, substance abuse and problem gambling. Our staff is made up of certified addiction therapists, medical staff and a consulting psychiatrist.

Skilled clinical staff for long-term recovery

Our skilled clinical staff combines the best of addiction therapy techniques, the 12-step program and medical care to create the greatest potential for long-term recovery. We are committed to being compassionate and understanding of each client’s needs, and to working together to provide healing and hope for those whose life has been torn apart by addiction.

Experienced and caring staff members

Calvary Healing Center staff has over 425 years of combined recovery experience and bring with them the dedication needed to combat addiction. When an alcoholic or drug addict recognizes that they have a problem and need help in fighting their addiction, the decision to enter a treatment program is a profound and frightening turning point. Calvary’s staff members are right there to help through every step of the way. We understand how important it is to provide a safe environment for our clients to begin healing from their addiction and all the pain it has caused in their lives.

Executive Staff


Jennifer Mathis

Jennifer Mathis (LPCS, LPCC, MHC)

Director of Trauma, Intern & Outpatient Services

Alan Kazan

Alan Kazan (MD, FASAM)

Medical Director

Larry Solomon

Larry Solomon (LPC, LISAC)

Clinical Director

Paul R. Valbuena

Paul R. Valbuena (MD)

Director of Psychiatry


Community Liaison: Christie McLean

Director of Operations: Jim Diekman

Chief Nursing Officer: Jaclyn Malamitsas, MSN, RN

Director of Risk Management and Compliance: Jay Mcgahee, BASW

Director of Intake: Richard Galindo, BS

Director of Human Resources: Brian Whitmer, BS

Business Office Director, Tammy Draggee

Unit Director, Lisa Hinson, BA


Maria Harmon, MAPC, LAC

Michael Speakman, LISAC, ABCAC

Mike Finecey, LISAC, LPC

Dottie De Lugt Collins, ABCAC

Valerie Fink-Sierra, LISAC

Shawn Gallo, LISAC

Molly McGinnis, MAPC

Lori Sirola, MAPC

Rachel Houck, LASAC


Ana Judkins, MS, LASAC

Jim Carr, LASAC

Dani Martz, MS, LASAC


Janel Witherspoon, MAC

Todd Mathews, MAPC

Christina Paschall, LAC

Meena Khattak, MSAC

Robert Lettieri, MS, LASAC

Joshua Anderson, MA, LASAC

Dillon Rylatt, MS, LASAC

Glenda Tunnicliff, MAC


Henry Rojas