What are others saying about Calvary Addiction Recovery Center?

Alumni and loved ones speak out.

“When I was ready to do the work, they showed me how to put my life back together My counselor and I had an aftercare program that was very comprehensive, it involved meetings and it was customized to me. It wasn’t just a generic aftercare plan it was very specific to me personally and my needs. It was exactly the place I needed to be at exactly the right time. It changed my life”  Kimberly
“Calvary’s staff was always there, always with open arms, understanding and would sit down and talk to you. It’s your choice, if you want to live or if you want to die. That is the only two paths on this road and I have been down them. With the people from Calvary, my whole life has turned around. Just someone else believing in me for a minute helped me to believe in myself.”  Tim
“One of the things I am really passionate about Calvary and what sets us apart from the rest is we integrate the spiritual aspect of recovery and we will meet the client where they are. We don’t force Christianity on anybody, if somebody wants to come in and they want to talk about spirituality but they don’t want to talk about Christ that is absolutely fine with us. The thing that sets apart Calvary is we will meet you where you are in your spiritual life, we will help you develop the emotional and coping skills that you need to live a life of recovery. Whether the person is recovering from chemical, dependency, gambling, or any other addictions. Calvary is a great resource and we want to get that message out there. There are so many people out there that need us and need our help. ”  Larry Soloman, therapist
“I wasn’t used to having any structure in my life. My life was crazy and all over the place and so they had a routine every day, to get me to be responsible, to be there on time.”  Blake
“One of the first things I remember there was one of the member’s coming up and holding my hand and praying with me. It brought me peace. I hadn’t known peace for a long time. I not only learned about the addiction, but I learned about why I, in relationship to me…did what I did. It was eye opening. When you’re searching for answers and somebody gives you the answers, it’s like a weight was lifted off of me. It was an amazing experience. I feel like anyone there on the grounds I can approach and talk too about anything and they will understand. If you’re thinking about going to Calvary….do it. ”  Scott
“They just care about helping people, I truly believe that is their goal in life. I really have to work on the future and live one day at a time as opposed to trying to solve all of these problems at once.”  Kenji
“It was a new experience for me. To actually learn about addiction, what is was doing to my life, what it was doing to my body.”  Adrian
“I just wanted to drop you a quick email having completed the eight week IOP program. I was very impressed with and grateful for the opportunity to attend the program. It is obvious to me that your department has tremendous experience and success in the treatment of those in chemical addiction recovery. During my entire attendance, including detox, all staff members I encountered provided first class monitoring and guidance. Whether I was in need, or not, a Calvary member always had a watchful, concerning eye on me. So, thank you for providing such impactful, caring health services. Calvary will always be my sanctuary and a place I will undoubtedly describe and share with others. My IOP sessions will be with me always; not to mention a long list of graduates who have become my friends. Such are they my friends that a simple text is immediately answered and plans set for get together soon. Please extend my personal thanks to Valerie. I have never met a person so willing to help each and every individual; with every imaginable issue. Many of us in the program realize how difficult it is to treat a room full of patients; many with extensive and special needs. Regardless of the clock, despite tardiness and other attendance issues, Valerie was relentless in her program reliability. Zero deviation. We are blessed to have experienced such commitment to us. Once again, my many thanks....”  Mark
“My first evening there, the counselor was very gracious and patient with me. She stayed there until 11pm at night because she knew I needed to talk that night. In any recovery you have to have a spiritual aspect, there’s something bigger out there and whatever your concept of that may be, it’s really important to not make yourself that God and to not depend on yourself. It’s truly a privilege to go there and when I get the opportunity I do go back and I say, “You don’t understand there are people that don’t get the opportunity to go that are suffering and so sick, and there is such an opportunity to learn about addiction and to help others in that addiction.”  Rachel
“The thing about recovery is its your whole life, a lot of people think its just plug the jug, stop using, just say no. It’s really a wake up call for your whole life. You have to change so many things in your life and deal with things you may have never dealt with. ”  Michael Speakman, Therapist
“Being able to engage with people that are working in recovery programs, it was really nice to see other people that have gone through what I’ve gone through and share their experience, strength and hope with me. I know feel a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging and I am happy. First time I have been happy in awhile”  Tecia
“I couldn’t deal with the addiction and I couldn’t deal with the things going on in my life at the time without knowing who I really was first. Through tools and conversations and being there listening for me…Calvary taught me how to do that. They taught me who I was.”  Kim
“From the top down, there is a strong dedication and passion to do everything we possibly can to help the addict, alcoholic and the family members get everything they deserve and its amazing to see the staff come together and to pull together and make it happen for each individual as they come in. Here at Calvary Center, we understand that this disease of addiction is not a quick fix, this is a chronic, progressive, eventually fatal disease, if left untreated. We’re aware that the disease is not cured after 30 days. Our job here is to teach client the tools and skills that are necessary to treating the illness, one day at a time, for the rest of their life. ”  Jim Corrington, Therapist
“Calvary saved my life. I chose crack, cocaine and alcohol over everything. I thank Calvary everyday for bringing me back. I thank Calvary for letting me be me. If it wouldn’t have been for Calvary, its’ staff, and the people, I would probably be dead today.”  Jarvis