Today, treatment for addiction can take many forms, including residential and outpatient programs, detox, step- down programs, sober living and aftercare. Addiction treatment has come a long way, with targeted research providing clear direction on which models are the most effective for an individual’s specific needs and pointing to new approaches that deliver better results than the programs of years past.

The cornerstones of treatment are Residential and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Both serve a specific purpose, and finding the right fit can be key to long-term recovery success.

What to Consider When Looking for Addiction Treatment

  • Is the facility licensed to provide drug or alcohol treatment?
  • Is the facility a contracted/in-network provider with your insurance plan?
  • Is the detox/residential program medically supervised, and does it provide 24 hour nursing care?
  • Are patients monitored and supervised 24 hours a day in a secure environment?

We are here to help you make the best decision about what is appropriate for your unique situation. If you want to know what kind of treatment is the best fit for you or a loved one, contact us today. Call 602-279-1468 or 866-76-SOBER (76237) and let us give you a free assessment over the phone.