Substance abuse doesn’t happen in a vacuum. When someone struggles with an addiction, everyone around them is impacted. And treatment is more effective when family and loved ones get help too.

Calvary Healing Center’s Friends & Family is a program that consists primarily of four-hour sessions each Saturday, with a rotating schedule of topics designed to educate and help family members process. (For those with family out-of-state, individual family programming can be arranged as well).

These Saturday family sessions cover everything from the addictive process, addictive personality and 12-Steps to sponsors, transitional living, anger, emotional coping and re-entry options. Our trained staff also works with families establish communication guidelines, facilitate honesty letters and family agreements and to oversee weekly family group sessions.

For those who are local, Calvary offers a free, weekly Family Education/Support Group. Families of patients are invited to attend these advanced family education groups each Thursday night.