Addressing the Unique Needs of Licensed Professionals - Addiction can wreak havoc on a career, but for licensed professionals – medical doctors, attorneys, dentists, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists and others – there’s even more at stake. When seeking substance abuse treatment, professionals face demanding requirements, so they need to find a program that is experienced in handling their unique needs. The same goes for professional athletes, who may have contracts and endorsements on the line.

Are you a professional in need of addiction treatment?

Calvary understands the challenges that surround issues such as state licensing boards and associations, possible license suspensions, probation, insurance panels, hospital credentialing committees, how to navigate return to work, DEA licenses, practice management concerns and other related issues. We have valuable experience in handling the specific challenges that a professional seeking treatment experiences. We know what it takes to get you on the road to recovery — and to get you back to work — so call us today.

Are you a health professional interested in referring someone to Calvary?

Health professionals seeking information about referring patients to Calvary Healing Center can contact us online or call 602-279-1468 or toll-free at (866) 767-6237 (toll-free).