Calvary Healing Center specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction through a variety of programs that meet patient’s needs. Whether you or a loved one is looking for residential treatment or an intensive outpatient program, we offer the ideal behavioral health services in Phoenix, AZ. You or a loved one may benefit from the added monitoring of medical detox or partial hospitalization. Others may want specialized programming that addresses their Christian faith, young age, or professional licensing issues.

Together, these programs address the whole person, meeting physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs. They provide the tools necessary to create a foundation for lifelong recovery. Our behavioral therapists treat patients with round-the-clock medical care. RNs, a daily physician, and psychiatry are all provided on-site. Masters-level, state-licensed therapists offer individual and group therapy. This is done via MI, CBT, 12-step facilitation, EMDR, and extensive discharge/aftercare planning.

Substance Abuse Treatment from Behavioral Health Professionals

Calvary Center has spent more than 55 years helping patients and their families since our facility first opened in 1964. We’re proud to be a licensed and accredited healthcare facility offering affordable treatments that work for long-term recovery. The staff here has over 425 years of combined experience, and many are in recovery themselves. They know what you’re going through and are fully prepared to help you come out of it and get your life back. The difference we can make for you can change your whole world for the better.

In addition to inpatient psychiatric treatment and outpatient counseling services, there’s so much our facility can give you or a loved one. Families and patients alike of all ages can benefit immensely from our work. Feel free to ask us about:

  • Individual Case Management
  • Devotions and Chapel Services with On-site Pastor for Those in Religious Tracks
  • Options for Families to Help Repair Relationships
  • Health Monitoring
  • Addiction and Recovery Education
  • Relapse Prevention

What Our Behavioral Health Center Programs Include

We endeavor to treat as many as possible, and while our services are intended for adults, we can work with both young patients and older ones. A stay with us encompasses everything you need to sober up and stay healthy. Some options to look into are:

  • 30-Day Residential Program (50 Residential Beds)
  • Medical Detox (18 Detox Beds)
  • Large Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (7 Groups Offered at 3 Phoenix Locations)
  • Aftercare
  • Faith-Based Track
  • Licensed Professionals Assistance Navigating Unique Issues
  • Young Adult and Nighttime IOP Options
  • Family Program
Calvary treats the whole person with round-the-clock medical care including RNs, a daily physician and psychiatry provided on site. Master’s-level, state licensed therapists offer individual and group therapy utilizing MI, CBT, 12-Step facilitation, EMDR and extensive discharge and aftercare planning.

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Medical Detox

Calvary Healing Center provides a medical detoxification consisting of 24-hour nursing, daily appointments with a physician, daily group therapy, individualized case management and medical history and a physical exam.
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Residential Treatment

Calvary’s 30-day Inpatient Program integrates two tracks: a traditional 12-Step program and a Christ-centered track. Both programs allow patients time for devotion, meditation and spiritual renewal, practices that are essential to successful recovery.
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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) serves as a bridge between our inpatient and outpatient programming. PHP offers patients structured day treatment under the care of medical experts. Our team helps to build spiritual recovery support systems and allow patients to take an active role in renewing their life. PHP also offers observation and monitoring to increase coping skills in their own environment.
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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In practice for more than 25 years, the IOP at Calvary Healing Center has a professional staff that develops individualized plans which include recovery, coaching, relapse prevention and family group therapy that ensure the healing of everyone affected. IOP also focuses on providing tools that help maintain sobriety.
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Faith-based Track

While each patient may be in a different stage of his or her spiritual journey, Calvary Healing Center knows that for some, incorporating their Christian faith into every step of their recovery solidifies their new life away from addiction. This optional track includes a pastor/spiritual advisor, daily devotions and more. (Calvary also offers a traditional track.)

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Young Adults

Calvary has developed specific young adult programming to effectively reach young adults and their families. We’ve had tremendous success in treating young adults and has become an expert in the recovery community, with roughly half of Calvary’s population ranging from 18-25.
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Family Program

Calvary understands that when addiction strikes it not only affects the addicted person but the whole family. This program allows family members to heal from the pain of addiction through education and processing recovery issues. We provide weekly support, education and therapy to families struggling with loved ones.
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