Religious statue at Calvary seen in garden areaCalvary Recovery’s Faith-based Track maintains a strong clinical component while assisting each patient in exploring their relationship with God and creating a strong spiritual foundation for recovery. We realize that individuals may be in different stages of their spirituality, and our staff is committed to meeting each person at their point of need. Calvary has a long-standing Christian heritage and history, with nearly half of all patients choosing to participate in our Faith-based Track. This program includes daily Christian devotions and meditation, weekly chapel services and a Christian pastor on site five days a week.

In this track, Calvary incorporates the spiritual principles of the 12-Step program with a biblical approach to recovery, including:

  • Daily devotional/prayer groups
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Daily Bible studies
  • Weekly discipleship sessions with Calvary Center’s pastor, Henry Rojas
  • Pastor-led educational groups on topics such as: forgiveness, guilt/shame, suffering, sanctification, pursuit of pleasure, loneliness, sin, redemption and more