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Family Therapy

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The decision to seek treatment is a big step, but you don’t have to do it alone.

couple talks with therapist in family therapyFamily members of those struggling with addiction or substance use disorder (SUD) often experience significant stress, both emotional and practical. Everything from childcare and communication to finances and basic well-being can suffer. The good news is that, with qualified treatment, long-term recovery is possible. Moreover, resources specifically designed for family members are likewise available to help. 

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, contact Calvary Healing Center in Phoenix, AZ. The staff at this SUD-specific treatment center are looking forward to helping you find support during this challenging time. Call 888.492.5113 or reach out online for information about Calvary Healing Center’s addiction therapies and family therapy programs today. 

What Can I Expect from Family Therapy for Addiction? 

Family members receiving therapy typically engage in services on a relatively limited basis and with a specific focus. The goals of family therapy generally center around addressing current family issues that may impact the loved one’s substance use. Sessions likewise involve developing strategies for cognitive-behavioral change that can positively impact the family as a whole. 

A few common goals of family counseling for addiction include: 

  • Learning strategies for effective communication, like active listening, that can reduce fear and allow all parties to be fully heard
  • Setting boundaries that help create trust for both the person in recovery and their family members
  • Processing challenges with help from the therapist, thus allowing for greater compassion, tolerance, and vulnerability, and less blame and fear
  • Making space for repair from any damage that has occurred within the family due to substance use
  • Creating a plan for moving into the future together

Family therapy can be very beneficial to the recovery process and maintaining long-term sobriety. Having the full support of the family makes breaking the cycle of addiction easier. 

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

There are many potential advantages to including family therapy as part of an addiction recovery program. One of the most important is the potential to break negative cycles. Addiction impacts everyone around the person suffering. Unfortunately, this often means that family members lacking professional support develop unhealthy coping mechanisms of their own. For example, in response to a loved one’s addiction, family members might lash out emotionally or turn to substances themselves. With therapy, family members can learn to manage their own stress in healthy ways. This, in turn, supports their loved one’s success in recovery. 

Family therapy can also help clarify and repair inequality in individuals’ responsibilities. Sometimes, in cases of substance use, unfair burdens fall on family members. For example, the spouse of someone abusing substances may end up handling all aspects of the household’s finances or childcare. Family therapy can help all parties determine a fair plan for handling responsibilities and seeking outside support when needed. 

Education and preparedness likewise increase with family therapy. People well-informed about addiction’s biological realities can be better equipped to support their family member during recovery. Effective family therapy may therefore include information about topics like withdrawal, cravings, triggers, and plans for relapse prevention. Building insight into addiction serves two functions. Firstly, it helps families handle their life circumstances effectively, and secondly, it creates space for increased compassion. 

Also, family therapy can help identify any mental health issues that may exist within the family, which is important. People struggling with substance use often have a dual diagnosis of mental illness. The same may be true of their family members. Family therapy may serve as an important sounding board that can lead family members to seek additional support for any unmet mental health needs. 

Find Family Counseling for Addiction in Phoenix, AZ by Contacting Calvary Healing Center Today

At Calvary Healing Center, family members of those in residential or partial hospitalization programs for addiction and SUD are invited to attend family therapy offerings. These programs provide both education and moderated processing space. Learn more about the center’s Phoenix area offerings by reaching out online or calling 888.492.5113