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Holistic Therapy

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The decision to seek treatment is a big step, but you don’t have to do it alone.

people sit outdoors in holistic therapyBeginning the recovery journey after abusing drugs or alcohol takes courage. If you or your loved one is in this position, remember that healing the whole person is vital to success. Substance use is neither completely mental nor completely physical in nature. Rather, it is a combination, so it only makes sense that a multi-pronged treatment approach often works best. Holistic therapy for addiction treatment provides such an approach by including diverse physical, spiritual, and social aspects in recovery. 

If you’re seeking such a program in the Phoenix area, contact Calvary Healing Center today. The center’s staff are standing by to answer your questions at 888.492.5113 or via online message. Learn more about holistic therapies and other addiction therapies today. 

What Is Holistic Therapy for Addiction?

Common forms of holistic therapy include exercise therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and art therapy. Some of these categories likewise have many subcategories. For example, exercise therapy can take the form of solo activities like nature hikes or cooperation-building sports like volleyball. Similarly, art therapy might focus on visual art, music, or dramatic expression.

Nutrition is also important to consider in recovery, whether it’s included as a formal part of treatment or something patients explore on their own. Drug or alcohol use often causes negative physical side effects such as malnutrition or unhealthy weight change. Some drugs, such as meth, trigger cravings for sugar which can, in turn, produce tooth decay. Nutrition counseling can thus be a game-changer in recovery. Staying properly fed and hydrated allows damage done by substance use to heal. It also helps any medication patients have been prescribed have maximum impact. 

Meditation can likewise be a great part of recovery since it teaches mindfulness. This term refers to the ability to return to the present moment when difficult emotions or thoughts arise. People in recovery often struggle with guilt, shame, or other types of fixation on the past. They likewise often experience anxiety, a painful focus on the future. Mindfulness helps with both by offering techniques to let such thoughts and emotions go and return to the now. Patients can gain mindfulness training through many modes, including tai chi, yoga, seated meditation, guided visualization, and sand tray therapy. 

What Are Some Benefits of Including Holistic Therapy in Your Treatment Program? 

In the context of addiction recovery, holistic therapy works best when paired with traditional approaches. These usually include individual talk therapy, group therapy such as a 12-step program, and sometimes medically managed detox. That said, when holistic approaches are included, the benefits can be enormous; they include the following: 

  • Improved physical recovery – Patients benefiting from nutrition and exercise therapy often see marked gains in physical recovery. If they’ve suffered side effects like malnutrition or muscle atrophy, for instance, these therapies can greatly support healing. Feeling better physically then creates a mutually supportive loop with mental and spiritual recovery.  
  • Spiritual wellness and sense of support – With or without a directly religious component, connecting with something greater than oneself can significantly improve recovery outcomes. This kind of connection gives patients something to hold them accountable and help them feel safe and included. Many holistic practices, from animal care to outdoor activities, can increase feelings of spiritual connection and support. 
  • Lower stress through effective coping skills – Disciplines like yoga or art can give patients self-regulation tools that last a lifetime. When people in recovery learn to channel their energy into a structured activity, they often feel less overwhelmed. Structured activity can also empower them to remain sober long-term. 
  • Higher self-esteem and sense of self – Substance use can make people feel out of contact with their true identities. Holistic activities like creative expression or movement disciplines can help them regain a positive sense of self. They also foster joy and satisfaction in engagement. 

It is essential to treat the entire person, not just the symptoms of the addiction, for real healing to occur. Holistic therapy aims to do just that and can be extremely beneficial to the recovery process.

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