how-does-faith-influence-recoveryCalvary Addiction Recovery Center understands the importance of faith in recovery. Faith helps you recognize a need for change. It helps you find the strength and courage to begin addiction treatment. It provides the basis for long-term sobriety. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly1 shares, “Recovering individuals have statistically greater levels of faith and spirituality than those continuing to relapse…Relapsing individuals show significantly lower levels of spirituality than those in recovery.” Science and experience reveal the value of what we offer: A path to recovery influenced by faith.

Faith Influences Early Recovery

All recovery begins with faith: faith in a better life, faith in the treatment program you choose and faith in recovery. MinnPost2 explains, “When you go into a recovery program, you are asking a person to take a leap of faith…Successful recovery requires a willingness to be vulnerable. It is all about asking for help and saying, ‘I don’t have control over this addiction. I need help. Can you help me?’” When you choose our Christian track for your recovery, you are asking for help from respected addiction recovery professionals, and you are asking for help from God. We help you access all of these resources. Your leap of faith does not have to be a huge leap. You can find comfort and certainty at this uncertain time of life. If you are willing to put yourself out there, ask for help and accept guidance, you will find recovery. Faith helps you make the right choice and take the first steps toward a better life.

Faith Influences Addiction Treatment

A day in our Christian track begins with prayer, music and scripture. This is a time for peace and personal development. This momentary calm has long-term benefits.

Big Think3 explains, “Mindfulness meditation helps improve emotional regulation, and is therefore an effective means of addiction prevention and treatment.”

Prayer, Bible study and devotion are a clear path to mindfulness and emotional balance. We ask patients to read daily meditations and participate in faith-based discussions. A day begins with this pause for reflection. It continues with further guided, faith-based practices. Our scheduled prayer times, guided meditations and pastor-led chapel services help you grow and develop your faith while strengthening your recovery. Your growing relationship with God allows you to pause and reflect. You develop a greater understanding of yourself, your spirituality, your addiction and your recovery.

Faith Influences Long-Term Sobriety

Faith does more than ease the transition from addiction to treatment. It does more than shape your recovery and provide space and time for reflection and healing. Faith influences a life of sobriety. Our faith-based track provides tools for long-term health and wholeness.

Patients who choose our faith-based track begin and end each day with scripture and time for reflection. Daily programming melds proven, clinical addiction treatment methods with faith-based approaches. Patients have the opportunity to participate in 12-step work, Bible study and regular meetings with our on-site pastor. Through our program you can heal mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We meet you no matter where you are when you begin your journey to recovery and faith. We provide immediate healing, and we continue to support your recovery long after treatment ends. You can rediscover and develop your personal relationship with God. Allow faith to influence recovery. Find long-term health and wholeness.


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